A Message from the Founder

Hi, my name is Brad Bartz, and I am the founder of Ridgewood Wealth Management. I spent the last 14 years working with High Net Worth families with many of those years spent partnering with C-suite Executives, University Administrators, as well as Individual families to become their trusted advisor. During that time, I worked for a well known firm and was consistently a top performer earning multiple awards and honors over that time including a President's Circle Award.

While I was successful in my tenure there, the most valuable insight I gained was that people are unique. Their goals are different, their motivations are as unique as they are, and their perception of money varies greatly. Clients are searching for an advisor who can "sit on the same side of the table" with them and provide unbiased financial advice and apply a fiduciary level of care, putting them first.

That is why I created Ridgewood Wealth Management. I wanted to provide a level of financial planning and investment management that is client-centric and fiduciarily focused. This approach allows clients to create, preserve, and transfer wealth in an approach that is in line with their motivations, desires, and vision for their wealth.

If you are tired of self-motivated sales pitches, financial plans that lack a true reflection of who you are, and generic investment strategies built for the masses, email me and let's set up a meeting to discuss how Ridgewood Wealth Management is different.

Brad Bartz

Founder- Ridgewood Wealth Management